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NPF Zabota
Open non-state pension fund «Zabota»

Open non-state pension fund « Zabota» (abbreviation is the ONPF « Zabota») was registered on the 27th of June, 2009. The certificate of registration for financial institution: series PF 118. The decision to issue the certificate: 602 of 06 August 2009.

Legal address of the fund: 03151, Kyiv, str. People's Home guard, 1

Code USREOU: 36124190

Bank details: IBAN/rahunu number UA643006580000026500001000103 SC «Piraeus Bank ICB»

Main priorities in the activity of the Pension Fund «Zabota» are:

Main priority in the activity of fund is to build a reliable way for accumulation of participant’s funds,  giving permission to save purchasing power with the ability to generate income on the growth of the stock market. Therefore, investment strategy ONPF «Zabota», reflected in the fund's investment declaration, is moderately conservative. According to possible requirements of asset diversification, the asset management company plans to hedge the devaluation and currency risks.

Chairman of the Funds Board – Petrenko Irina Vladimirovna

Financial Institutions serving the NSPF «Zabota»:

Administrator of NPF «Zabota» – «All-Ukrainian Pension Fund’s Administrator» Ltd is a professional administrator with an exclusive activity – administrating of non-state pension funds.

Asset managing company - Ltd. «AMC « ART-CAPITAL Management»

Custodian Bank- SC «Piraeus Bank ICB»

Documents Pension Fund Zabota

Certificate of state registration of artificial person

Certificate of registration of the Fund into the financial institutions register
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